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Main Street USA Community Centers – We will have our offices for operation as part of a community center concept that provides training rooms, computer support, event space and workshop experiences for the community to come in and provide needed support, career direction and training for young people.

DASH Program (Dreams + Action = Success + Happiness) – We will be providing life skills and career choice support for young people. Mark Twin said the definition of success was when your vocation was your vacation. This program will provide career assessments, entrepreneurial training and networking into the business community for job opportunities – all based on what each young person is passionate about! This program will also be our ‘intake’ method for channeling them to all the appropriate services identified in our Continuum Project. One of our long-term goals is to provide a tiny home community for young people with housing challenges.

The Continuum Project – There are many non-profit organizations who do great work for various aspects of need for young people. After the young person has gone through the DASH Program, we will specialize in finding all the services available so that we can create a continuum of support for them to ensure that they do NOT fall between the cracks and they have everything they need to grow into happy, self-sustaining adults.

Main Street Initiative – Our aim with the program is for non-profits and small businesses to grow and thrive by providing support for their marketing and business growth efforts and making sure they are utilizing all services available from other organizations within the community. In return, they will provide opportunities to the young people in the DASH program. A Foundation Account Manager will ensure that the dollars are spent in the wisest place and that the young people are connected to the most appropriate business for the best outcomes.

The Give and Grow Fund – Just like small businesses, small non-profits can succumb to the unending circle of having to spend most of their time chasing money in order to continue to provide services. Main Street USA Foundation is in the process of creating a fund that will act like an endowment. The main capital will be invested, and the earnings of this Fund will be spent on specific programs, predominantly in the fundraising area. (We want to help non-profits learn how to fish!) This will ensure sustainability for the organization over time and provide a firm platform for future growth.

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